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Although I'm not a tour guide, I frequently take visitors around Jordan. Sometimes my passengers are fellow photographers, but most likely they are people, who want to see things off the beaten track. For this purpose I have a fully equipped Toyota Landcruiser with all comforts required. In addition to this I have years of experience driving in the desert, from the gentle slopes in Wadi Rum to the vast dunes in the Empty Quarter.

If you are interested in going to a particular spot in Jordan, don't hesitate to contact met for an unforgettable exrperience.

If you didn't have time to pack your photo gear, don't worry. I will make my professional Canon gear available to you!


Below are some reviews from previous passengers:

I got in touch with Henk when researching photo opportunities for my recent trip to Jordan. Henk proved to be a joy to work with - very good contact by email, helpful hints for planning the time and locations, enthusiastic about the country and places, and very knowledgeable about all things photographic - from technology to techniques. During a transit from Aqaba to Madaba, he suggested a couple of detours to visit some out of the way places that I'd never see without his knowledge. Overall, an excellent experience! Pawel Kazmierczyk, Poland  

Being non Jordanian Henk is able to offer a different perspective on the country and the people of Jordan. This allows for some very interesting commentary, whilst his detailed knowledge of the country, obtained via extensive travel, opens up areas off the normal beaten path. Simon A, Bahamas

I would kindly like to thank you for considering Jordan as you country. I have joined you in some of your trips and mainly to the south of the Country, Rum, Rahma sands, Wadi Araba and the most exciting trip was the one we took trying to cross from the airport road to the Dead Sea Area, I will never forget that trip especially that in some areas the cars where driving only with two wheels ( lift side ) and the right side where in the air. I would also like to thank you for being very professional of what you do, and I regret all the trips that I could not join you.After what I have said I would like to tell you that I have started to see Jordan different through your lens. Keep up the good work and take a lot of pictures because no one else can show Jordan to foreigners better than you. Basem Naouri, Jordan

We lived in Jordan for 10 months and went on many impressive trips with Henk.  His research pays off and he finds some very obscure and interesting places in that beautiful land.  He may be the most knowledgeable person in Jordan about its many treasures.  His relaxed style, capable 4x4 and vast experience combine to make for a perfect holiday.  Robert Scarborough, Hong Kong