Photography Henk Bos | Nabatean City of of Sela
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If you stay on the beaten track you will never find this: Sela, one of the first places that the Nabataeans seemed to settle in what was to become Nabataea. This might also be the site, captured by the Judean King Amaziah, who ruled from 796 to 781 BC. The summit of Umm al-Biyara mountain, in central Petra, is often identified as the Sela of the Bible. May be even the place where King Amaziah of Judah took 10,000 Edomites prisoner and threw them from the summit of Selah. (II Kings 14:7)?

A beautiful sight, waiting to be explored for a day or 2. Splendid camping spots all around. To get there is you have to take a small tarmac road with a 500 meter ascend. Not sure if a cheapo rental can bring you back to the top, so take care!